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Internet of Things will protect your business and home!!


IOT solution#101

  • Smoke Sensor x3

  • Water leak sensor x3

  • Motion Detecting Camera x10 (Notification, Cloud Recording)

  • Siren, Alarm in business location

  • Siren, Alarm in Home(can be turn off)

  • APP in Iphone and Android

  • Arm/DisArm all sensors

  • Installation services

Supports flexible and user defined scenario: When smoke, water leak alarm and motion sensor triggered, you will get notified via phone APP, SMS, and Email. Siren can be placed in both business(store) and home. When siren in business is triggered(optioanl) the siren in home can be triggered(optional) too. 12 sec recoring in cloud 7 days free recording. no monthly fee.

IOT + Air Quality Sensor. You now start your business with cities, schools, etc. We will ship IOT to your home.


IOT is not difficult – we handle technical part you own your business.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a worldwide system of “smart devices” that can sense and connect with their surroundings and interact with users and other systems. Global air pollution is one of the major concerns of our era.
This kit can be physically placed in various cities to monitoring air pollution. The gas sensors gather data from air and forward the data to the IOT device. The IOT device transmits the data to the cloud via the Wi-Fi module. Users can access relevant air quality data from the cloud. If a user is traveling to a destination, the pollution level of the entire route is predicted, and a warning is displayed if the pollution level is too high. The proposed system is analogous to Google traffic or the navigation application of Google Maps. Furthermore, air quality data can be used to predict future air quality index (AQI) levels.

What kind of information IOT can deliver?

These sensors collects various importation, send to IOT device, send to Cloud, send to WEB and Phone.

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