ASearch Engine Optimisation is a critical part of a successful digital marketing strategy.
While companies are finding new ways to generate traffic through social media and word of mouth marketing, search engines still drive the majority of the organic movement online. In 2017, people made 1.2 trillion searches on Google worldwide.
While there are many different components to successful SEO, one of the most important of all, is the right #KeywordStrategy.

What are Long and Short Tail Keywords?

Keywords are the terms and phrases that people look for when they’re searching for your website, product, or company. There are various kinds of keywords, including:

  • Head terms, seed keywords, or “Short tail” keywords: The broad one or two-word phrases you use to describe yourself: i.e. “Branding company”.
  • Body keywords: 2–3-word phrases with “decent” search volume: i.e., “Digital Marketing Services”.
  • Long tail keywords: Low search volume phrases with high degrees of specificity: i.e. “London Logo Design Company”.