AIf you have a brick-and-mortar business, your local SEO strategy is vital to the health of your company.

Local SEO helps you generate phone calls and drive foot traffic to your business. Of course, the proper strategy is needed if you’re going to reach your target market. Get the details on the biggest local SEO trends for 2019 and incorporate them into your strategy.

Within recent memory, a Google query with local intent brought up a big pack of ten nearby businesses, with each entry taking the user directly to these brands’ websites for all of their next steps. A modest amount of marketing effort was rewarded with a shower of Google gifts in the form of rankings, traffic, and conversions.

Then these generous SERPs shrank to seven spots, and then three, with the mobile sea change thrown into the bargain and consisting of layers and layers of Google-owned interfaces instead of direct-to-website links. In 2018, when we rustle through the wrapping paper, the presents we find from Google look cheaper, smaller, and less magnificent.